Welcome To Our Power Hub!  

Our Power Hub (OPH CIC) operates in the heart of Kensington & Chelsea created to support residents from north & south of the borough.
OPH aims to add social value, create supportive networks and opportunities, linking communities with local services in order to improve their quality of life, through health and fitness, training opportunities, connecting to and working with existing established local groups.
OPH CIC delivers a flexible, responsive and culturally sensitive series of projects where we are aware of the diversity of the Kensington & Chelsea community having lived, worked and more recently, supported those from a range of backgrounds, cultures and ages. 

We arrange projects in line with the demand and the voice of those who participate (peer-led), and as a grass-roots organisation, we deliver in accordance with community, cultural and religious needs and our aim is to reach those who may be most in need, but reluctant to engage with existing services.

Every year, Mayor’s Awards are given to recognise people and organisations who have gone above and beyond to serve the community and who have made a significant difference to the lives of our borough’s residents. 

Mayors Award

Our Power Hub
has recently been recognised with a Mayor’s Award in the category of Local Community Organisation for delivering flexible, responsive and culturally sensitive support to the Bereaved, Survivors and Residents of the Grenfell Tragedy, local & wider community, through an offering of activities and initiatives such as music, arts and crafts workshops, day trips, health & fitness and virtual services, while also linking individuals to local services and sources of professional advice.

Mayors award