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Our Power Hub CIC is named after Steven Power, the beloved father of one of our founders, Bobby Ross. A long-term resident within the North Kensington community. Steven tragically died in the Grenfell Tower fire on 14th June 2017, after being advised by the emergency services to remain inside his flat.

As a social activist, Steven was locally known for his efforts that scrutinised and pressurised the local authority and the Tenant Management Organisation to implement fundamental changes to the Grenfell Tower, prior to the fire. Described as a "West Indies man trapped in an Irish man's body" Steven is beautifully remembered as a keen fisherman and music DJ, whose boisterous style was deeply welcomed within the community.

Bobby Ross, Steven’s son and one is determined to leave a legacy which reflects his father's love of helping those from vulnerable backgrounds. In the words of Bobby Ross, "My dad stood up for what he believed, he stood for the underdog, he stood for our community rights", an ethos which is deeply embedded within our mission statement at Our Power Hub.

We aim to honour the 72 lives lost and our hope is that anyone who suffers a loss, experiences trauma, PTSD, or mental health issues, has access to support services, be they professional, therapeutic or through group and individual exercise sessions, sports clubs and art activities. This is to ensure they are able to receive the help they need, in the way they want. 


​We will never forget those who died and the effects on the community.  We aim to help heal, rebuild and renew, keeping those that were tragically lost at the core of all our endeavours to serve not only the Bereaved, Survivors and Residents of North Kensington, but to everyone who needs support.

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