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About us

Our Power Hub (OPH) Community Interest Company (CIC) was established in 2019 and has its offices in the heart of North Kensington, where it was created to support the local community after the Grenfell Tower Fire on the 14th June 2017.

During the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire, many individuals & volunteers came to help, coming together with members of the community and people from around the country. As the months passed, Bobby Ross and Nadia Aasili founded OPH to formalise the range of support offered, and to ensure OPH were in a position to continue supporting Grenfell, as well as residents in RBKC. Over time, they have built strong and trusted relationships with community members and groups by meeting the needs of Grenfell residents, RBKC residents & residents from Tri-Borough's.   


OPH continues to provide free access to events, activities, and community enrichment and ad-hoc services as identified and raised by community members, including projects focused on Tech, Music, Sport, Fitness, Art and Group Therapy. We are a listening, proactive, peer-led CIC, who involve those we support in our decision making process, continuously collaborating & co-designing with them to develop individual plans as well as group activities, which will help them achieve their desired outcome. 

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