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This is a quick note to express how grateful I am for Our Power Hub. I’m glad I joined the community when I did because they’ve kept my spirits high during trying times. Even throughout this current pandemic the team at OPH always come with positive vibes and lots of energy.

I’ve consistently attended the boxing classes since the beginning of 2020. Classes started in a gym and then hosted by coach Ahmed over Zoom during the lockdown period. The sessions are top notch and can’t be topped. I’ve learned so so much.

Now, with lockdown being lifted, it’s still what supports me mentally and physically, and I’m excited to learn more about the sweet science of boxing


OPH has been really helpful when it comes to helping me recover from my mental illnesses and assist me in improving

my physical health & wellbeing. I now identify with my symptoms less frequently and my thinking is much calmer, controlled
and collected. I found boxing classes especially useful as it got me out of my comfort zone and gave me
something new to research in my spare time, while also increasing my confidence. As the COVID-19 situation was going on, I felt like I was reversing my progress with my mental health, however, joining OPH has given me a sense of belonging and assisted me in progressing in my life. I have gained many social skills and feel more determined bettering myself.


Participating in the Boxing sessions run by OPH has been a lot of fun and has greatly helped with my mental health; During the lockdown I became isolated and depressed but the feeling of being a part of a community has taken away from these negative feelings. I feel that the our power hub community is very positive and alleviated my anxiety. It has also guided me back to my fitness goals and contributed to my mental wellbeing far more than therapy ever had helped. The coach is very engaging and breaks the sport down to a basic level so everyone can learn regardless of experience. The staff are very friendly and I feel no judgement joining the classes as a beginner. I look forward to taking part in other projects and activities.


This art therapy allowed children and adults to express themselves in a way like no other. The atmosphere in the hub was of contemplation, attention and focus. My children were so proud of their creations and felt encouraged and empowered even when things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Nadia and her team made the children feel their contribution was important and this had them thriving! The wrap around care ensured all their needs were met.


I really enjoyed doing art and expressing my creativity. Being able to paint and create with people of different ages, genders and ethnicities. Delving into our cultures like creating Ramadan decorations. Seeing kids and adults delve into art and using their imaginations was inspiring. The music2heal workshop was interesting I learnt to compose music so easily although it was slightly complicated at first. Both workshops will definitely contribute to future aspirations. The location (Canalside) is easily accessible and very local. Food was also great and tasty, everyone loved them! Thank you.


By The Community, For The Community

I really enjoyed the painting as it was so relaxing and and a chance to do something for myself as well as knowing that my son was with his peers and having fun and making new friends in a safe and calming atmosphere. It’s been an absolute pleasure being involved in this Power Hub.


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